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"The Gita is not meant for the decaying or dying. It is meant for you who are on the threshold of life, bubbling with enthusiasm to plunge into the field of action, to struggle, to sweat, to strive, to succeed."

- Swami Chinmayananda


For more detailed information about all of our classes and timings, please click on the links in the menus above.



Bala Vihar is a forum through which children learn about many aspects of Hindu culture and philosophy according to their level of understanding. They grow to have a strong grounding and develop pride in their identity and gain an appreciation for their rich heritage.

Chanting & Meditation

Children and adults are taught chanting and meditation through Balavihar and various classes throughout the week - including Rudram, Chamakam, Lalita Sahasranamam, Vishnu Sahasranamam, Soundarya Lahari, and more.


Children learn Gita chanting in Balavihar classes. Adults learn the deep significance of the Gita shlokas through Gita lectures and study groups available throughout the week. Through lecture, discussion, reflection, and Q/A sessions, adults gain a deep understanding of this important Hindu text.

Swaranjali & More

Our Balavihars feature other offerings such as Swaranjali (informal bhajan classes for children and adults) and language classes - including but not limited to Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada.

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Chinmaya Mission: Our Purpose

Vision: The inner transformation of individuals through knowledge of Vedanta, spiritual practices and service to society, resulting in a happy world around them. 

Mission: To provide to individuals from any background, the wisdom of Vedanta and the practical means for spiritual growth and happiness, enabling them to be positive contributors to society. 

Motto: To give maximum happiness to the maximum people for the maximum time.


By supporting Chinmaya Mission Ann Arbor, you are supporting our local activities as well as global projects such as the Chinmaya Organization for Rural Development, the Hospitals and Schools for marginalized children, and Chinmaya Vishwa Vidya Peeth. Thank you so much for your generous support!

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